For a Klondike Bar…


How about travel to New York, LA, DC, and the Arctic Circle, stuffing my face with Klondike bars in front of live, wild polar bears on the sea ice of Arctic Svalbard? 

To see it, click here  Search for “happyjoel” in the search box and enjoy. Now the background:

So I am attempting to use my previous contest wins to make videos that have a leg up on other videos. And for this one, I literally put more work into this Klondike Bar video than I have ever put into anything else in my life. Oh, because it’s worth $100,000!!!

So I took my Klondike bar to the Arctic, and while the national geographic photographers were taking pictures of polar bears, I danced like an idiot in the cold waving my Klondike bar around like a madman. I mean, if the judges aren’t convinced that this is the greatest video entered, I don’t know what they are thinking. 

Anyway, I need your help too – so go vote on it. Go register and give it 5 stars (or bars, as they have it) and help me get $100,000. 

Oh, and for the record, the girl, Maggie, in the video with me – she was basically a blind date to the Arctic because I thought that was a really funny idea. So we met once for coffee, then a week later dinner and a movie, a week later we hung out and I asked her if she wanted to go to the Arctic with me. She agreed in spite of my mustache.

As the song points out, we weren’t really sure if things would work out, so we figured them out over a klondike bar. Short answer, they did, long answer they didn’t. We got along great and traveled well, but just aren’t compatible for a long term relationship. Still, she did great acting in the song, right? And at least I’m the first kid on my block to take a girl he doesn’t really know to the north pole.

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