Little Penguin Free Shit from Little Penguin Wine



Little Penguin Free Shit

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Today was a good day. I just had a conference call with the Little Penguin wine people, and the good news is, I’m going to be seeing Sydney AND Melbourne, plus a bunch of VIP winery tours in both regions, and tours of the Nature Reserves on Phillip Island where all the penguins live.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few hours later I received this gift box (pictured) with the following:
* hooded sweatshirt
* 2 Little Penguin Hats
* A signed copy of “Booty Food” (I think it’s either food to make your partner horny, or to eat off their ass, or maybe both)
* Some short guides to understanding Australia wine, and
* A Brand New iPod Touch!

So it’s been a pretty productive day for me so far.


The place where this video was hosted no longer exists, so I’ve uploaded the original to Youtube.

Where to buy Little Penguin Wine

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