Late Night with Conan O

Conan O’Brian had this contest to make a 30 second video, prize was 2 round trip bus tickets to Albany from NYC. I entered, and unfortunately, did not win. But I really liked the song, so I made a full length version of it and decided to cut together a quick thing of the rest of the video, just because it makes me smile. Especially the beautiful vocals during the breakdown.

In other contest news, a reminder to check the previous blog post if you want to win my extra iPod. Good work so far on those getting votes, it’s going to be a close one.

I also got my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Sydney and Melbourne, August 1st-10th. It’s going to be sick. It sounds like we have private-ish tours at a bunch of wineries, and I checked out the hotels where we’re staying, they all look like super-hip places in the middle of fun areas, though I might be too drunk from all the various wine tastings to actually know what’s going on around me.

And if you know anyone in the Melbourne or Sydney areas who likes to party, please get in touch with them, tell them I like to party too, and that they should party with me.

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