Trying to win a Honda

That’s right, Honda of Bowie, Maryland is giving away an entire new car for a video contest. So I wrote a little song, and I called up my buddy Ed who knows his way around some computer animation, and I told him “we should win this one.” So we put together a video. But before I show it to you, I want to show you the entries we are up against. There are two. I am showing you them because I believe the technical name for what I’m doing is “big-timing” them. I’m taking my contest prowess into a local market and trying to take a car away from some local folks in Maryland who want to win.

First, the two other entries: (embedding is disabled on them)

3 Teenagers in a park.

2 Cars in a parking lot

Now here’s mine:

I’m not sure, but I feel like our chances are good. (I mean, technically, they’re at least 1 in 3).

Also, the iPod giveaway to get people to join my facebook group is going great, we’re up to over 900, so thanks for everyone who’s joined, and good luck to the contestants.

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  1. As an Englishman, I feel the pedant’s responsibility of pointing out that the things that bob in the ocean are pronounced ‘boy’. Like a man-child, yes.


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