$6,000 More in the Bank thanks to Israel!

I woke up this morning with an email in my inbox from Meagan Buren with the Israel Media Project that just said “Call me.” Now, I’m getting ready for Australia tomorrow, worried about packing and my buddy arriving today, and since the Israel@60 contest wasn’t a voting contest, I hadn’t remembered that today was the day they were deciding.

Well? The great news is, I won TWO contests today. One for the Israel@60 contest in English ($5,000), and another for the GERMAN language contest! ($1,000). That’s right, I have now officially won a contest IN GERMAN! THAT’S A LANGUAGE I DON’T EVEN SPEAK!!! I think I now know how Magellen felt.

The German winning video is here. In it you can see my roommate, Olev, too, who speaks German and who I’m giving half the thousand bucks to:

And the English winning video, which took me a long time to make, is here:

In both cases, watching the old videos makes me miss my mustache, which was killer at that point. The maybe-even-better news is that the English one might get aired on CNN during the Republican and Democratic National conventions in the local Minneapolis and Denver markets, respectively. That means that silly, mustache-covered face, could be on a legitimate news channel!

Looks like I’ve got to go update my contest page with the new wins and get it ready before I take off for the great down under!

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