Sand in my Everywhere

After a beautiful day at the beaches in Malibu yesterday with my friend Jon, I woke up today, fully hungover, and amazed by how much sand found it’s way into my bed throughout the night. I’m going to take some of the blame since I didn’t bathe, but I’m putting most of the blame on the sand for being a jerk.

Yesterday, though, was a great day of food, sun, movies, drinking, and at the end of the night, an interview with an Australian radio show in which they made my old Jewish rap song, A Bissel Rap, their “Religious Song of the Week,” and interviewed me. They actually called me “Jewish hip-hop artist from LA, Joel Moss,” and who am I to correct them?

In more fun news, I’m heading up to San Fran this weekend for a set of shows with the ladies of “Jewish Girls Gone Wild,” (this is turning into a very Jewy blog post) which should be a blast. Dates and times here.

And the most fun of all, I woke up this morning to an email from a Marketting friend, looks like my face is getting some traction in the Klondike contest! This article (if you can call it that) seems to be supportive of my dream. That means if you haven’t, you should vote for me, because I want $100,000 and I like how my name will look next to the word “Unilever.” 


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