Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | August 25, 2008

The Oreo Contest – An Udder Failure.

Wait till you hear how brilliant the joke in the title is:

The Oreo contest was about showing how Oreo’s and MILK bring people together. Well Nathan an I went to Melbourne, Australia. Took a full size penguin and prisoner costume with us, took Oreos (illegally) through the airport, I even bought gigantic plastic balls and chains to complete the look, but in forgetting the milk, this masterpiece became ineligible. (I wanted to write “unsubmittable” but the red line keeps telling me it’s not a word.)


And let’s be honest here – though this thing makes me laugh, and the fact that we went across half the world to film it is funny, but there is no way in hell Oreo was going to let this thing have a shot at winning. And rightfully so.

A little side story about the day of filming – most people seemed to have a good laugh with us about the whole situation. One group of teenagers on bikes, however, did as teenagers were want to do, and riding across the bridge, shouted,

“Look at that penguin! (homophobic slur!) F**king (homophobic slur!).” 

To which I proudly responded at the top of my lungs (and probably distastefully clearly and loudly to onlookers):

“I (sex-plative)’d your mothers! I (SEX-PLATIVE)’D YOUR MOTHERS!!! HOORAY!!”

So at least I won one contest with this video.

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