Nesquik Contest to send Happyjoel to my Happyplace

When I read the rules for this contest, I was super-happy. The whole concept is “Nesquik sends you to your happy place,” and as some may have noticed, I really like piggy-backing one contest on another. So since I was already going to Australia for free with the Little Penguin contest, I decided, I might as well bring along some bottles of Nesquik and film myself “in my happy place.” Credit for the main follow up joke in this goes to my brother, Stephen, who was only too happy to film the rest with me.

I’ve taken a look at a bunch of other entries, and LOTS of people seemed to use crappy greenscreen to put themselves in foreign places.

That made me really happy I had gone, and made me look down on others for using a greenscreen.

And THAT made me feel like a total dick. I realize how lucky I am to have gotten the trips, AND to have been able to use them to try to enter the next contest. I’m kind of worried that with how much the Klondike video got around, people are going to see this entry and think I’m like the richest schmuck in the world, and I take my time screwing average joes out of contests.

Anyway, it’s for $10,000, which would be great, but the final ten are being determined by judges so (fortunately) I have at least a couple days off before I have to start bothering folks for votes again.

Which fortunately means I’ll have plenty of time to sit around stressing and waiting to hear the Klondike winner announced on Sept 8th.

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