Telecommunications is the home of funk, happyjoel and jon golbe

Telecom Careers website is having a contest to show what it’s like to work in a telecommunications office. As I’m in New York, and looking for a reason to look with fun other people, I got in touch with the phenomenal Jon Golbe to collaborate on an entry.

At first, I was thinking, “I should write a rock song, because rock in an office is funny.” But then I went running, and while on the treadmill, Sly and Family Stone came on, and I realized that “rock+office” has been done before, and isn’t so outlandish. Some offices probably think they do rock.

What no office does, is get funky. White, button-down shirts, ties, clean shaves and telecom buzzwords do not a funkytown make. So we spent an afternoon letting our funk flags fly, dancing up a storm (yes, these are basically my real dance moves) and doing our best to win a trip for 2 to South by Southwest this coming March.

The awesome thing is that you win a VIP package for all the events at South by Southwest. The bad news is that it’s for “South by Southwest Interactive,” not the “Rock music, sex and drugs” South by Southwest being held at the same time. Still, could be a free hotel room and airfare, and I can’t see not sneaking away from the “How blogging will impact quarterly returns” seminar to go check out Nada Surf or whatever band the kids think is hippest these days.

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