Business Cards PROVE I’m a Contest Professional

Business Card Front

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So here they are, my business cards to prove that I really am a professional! I guess this is technically the first thing I’m using the Klondike Video Contest money for (even though I won’t get the check for a bit – and boy I hope it’s one of those big silly checks like they give Jerry Lewis.) Don’t worry about the red marks, either – those just indicated rounded corners. (codeword – classy!)

As a result of the win, I decided to do a favor to everyone in my email address book and take the time to start a Google Group so they can officially decide if they LIKE getting badgered day in and day out with contest voting requests. I’d like to extend the invitation along, and if you’re out there and like the idea of helping me win more things as much as I like the idea of having you help me win more things, click below and join the group:

Happyjoel Google Group

I promise that you will not get more than one email a week, and you will NEVER get requests for anything that doesn’t personally help me live a better life. No forwarded jokes, no politics, no requests for money – just ways to vote in online contests and help me win more cool stuff!

Headed off for an early morning breakfast  – just like an adult.

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