General Mills says “Thanks”

Lest you think with all this Klondike and Watermelon related goodness I have forgotten my friends at Nature Valley Granola bars, I thought I’d show you a pic of the gift basket they just sent me in preparation for my Antarctica trip on the 14th.

The actual reason for this basket, however, isn’t just as a nice surprise – it’s because in the process of them assigning different eCompanies different parts of the “dealing with Joel” process, I was actually sent an extra check for $16,000+. 10 minutes of agonizing about whether I should just cash it and keep it left me feeling too guilty, so I called up and told them about their mistake.

Maybe in another time or place I would have kept it, but I was waiting to find out about Klondike, and Karma-icly, I thought it would have been bad. Anyway, the best part of the gift basket is clearly the Fiber One bars – those things are phenomenal. But let it be a lesson to companies to stay on top of all their various out-sourcing agencies.

Also in the mail today, I got my gigantic check shipped to me, which, unfortunately, looks a little sadder post-shipment than it originally did. But I’m still excited to hang (pieces of) it on my wall.

2 thoughts on “General Mills says “Thanks””

  1. Hi Joel, What fun to meet you at Phil’s wedding!! Have a great time on your trip. Hey, sometime I have to tell you about my game show winnings!!
    Sarabeth (and Phil) Rodd
    lady with curly blond hair in red dress

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