Hostels worldwide – I want you to send me places.

So there is probably nothing trickier than entering contests while I’m on a boat in the middle of nowhere. First of all, my new camera isn’t compatible with my old computer, so I can’t film anything. Second of all, my old computer doesn’t have any open space, so I can’t really add anything new. So I’m stuck with the question of trying to come up with a creative video to show how much I love traveling, but having to use only existing footage and a new song (which I do think is at least catchy and true.)

The truth is, as it says in the song, I just want to go places. I honestly don’t give a damn where they are, as long as they are something new – so I’m hoping this video wins me the $3000 travel voucher to book some around the world ticket and take off to see some new, awesome places. 

In home news (meaning abroad news) we anchored tonight in Grytviken, South Georgia, where we saw Ernest Shakelton’s grave. They passed out Jameson and all the folks on the trip toasted and tipped a little in remembrance. If you’ve never seen 80 year olds tip booze to their homies, you are missing out.

Tomorrow we’re off to the world’s largest King Penguin colony, which is apparently beautiful, and can be smelled from miles away. Will definitely be getting some footage there – both classy personal stuff and contest related. In the meantime, not sure when this Hostel’s Worldwide video will be uploaded across the Southern Seas, but when it does, this thing’ll be posted accordingly. Toodles.

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