Home in LA, back to work – Embarq high speed contest

So I’m back home, and I plan on doing some postings about the totally ridiculous last 3 weeks of my life (read: NYTimes Article and associated anti/pro me bloggings, and 3 weeks in Antarctica nose to nose with penguins, and Elephant Seals – my new favorite animal.)

I want to wait until I get my new computer so I can get my pictures uploaded for that, so even though I landed just yesterday and today is election day, there is no rest for the fan of the contest, and I spent my day working on this entry to Embarq’s “What will you do with the 48 seconds Embarq High Speed Internet will save you.”

I will be honest, I make a little “smirk” face in there at least once or twice that even I want to punch, but I’m so proud of the song, and particularly the bridge and the phrase “do-doodily dee” that I hope the Embarq folks dig it to. Just in time, also, deadline was the 7th.

Happy election day. I’m headed to a party where I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get to do red and blue jello shots each time a different state comes in accordingly. Toodles.

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  1. Joel, the song is great, should be a winner. Hope you got my previous e-mail(i.e. friends with your parents, Bill Friedman, and my son Loren who works in the movie/advertising business in LA wants to meet you. You’ll be a hit- break a leg or whatever… Lary and Judy Schiller

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