Happyjoel in Tonight Show T-Shirt

So I went in to meet with the producers of the Tonight Show a couple days back, to do a pre-interview and I think so they could feel me out and see if I would be an okay, energetic guest. They gave me this t-shirt, because that’s what they do – they give people t-shirts, which is awesome.

Anyway, it went well, so I’m basically crapping my pants with joy today, as I prepare for a limo to come pick me and some friends up tomorrow, drive us to Burbank for the show, and talk on camera in front of millions of people to Jay Leno and (just as awesomely) Steve Carrell.

When I first heard from them, and found out I’d be on, I talked to some friends about who might be the first guest? Who’s hand would I get to shake. Honestly, Steve Carrell is about the best possible person I could hope to meet because he’s just that kickass.

I don’t know what it will mean in the scope of my career, but I do know that it will be fun, and that having 5.5 million people see my face while I’m making a living by getting public votes has got to be helpful. (hopefully it’ll particularly help with that Doritos million – video editing almost done.)

I was thinking of this line during the break when I’m sitting next to Steve Carrell and Jay Leno:
“Hey, do you guys want to head out to a bar later? Maybe grab some drinks and produce each others screenplays?”
But we’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Happyjoel in Tonight Show T-Shirt”

  1. joel,

    its been a long time — years, in fact — but i’m glad to see you’re continuing to do what you love and think is fun at the time.. its a rare quality. anyways, your songs are just as funny as that tree song i remember from perlman like 5 years ago, and you probably don’t remember who I am so find me on the interweb or something. whatever. hope all is good and it seems like you were on the tonight show tonight though i’m not sure.. good luck with everything.


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