The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Me!

Well, it’s 11:00 am, and I’m waking up after what was easily the most absurd experience of my life (this, 2 weeks after being surrounded by 100,000 penguins.) Last night, a limo came and picked me and 6 friends up, drove us to the NBC studios in Burbank, pulled into the artist entrance, and dropped us off backstage for the Tonight Show. 

They put me into a dressing room, and then 2 minutes later, I see Steve Carrell walk into his dressing room RIGHT NEXT DOOR! I was expecting they’d put him in like a villa, and me in the garage, but they put us right NEXT TO EACH OTHER!

I wasn’t able to eat, and have a tendency to get slurry when I drink, so I thought I’d hold back. The interview went as well as I could have possibly hoped (with the exception of getting to mention and when my klondike video played, Steve Carrell was actually laughing out loud.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.745169&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Then, when the commercial break happens, Steve Carrell leans over to me and says “Pretty surreal, isn’t it?” Which is the single most meta-surreal thing I could imagine. “Yes, Steve Carrell who is responsible for some of my favorite movies and TV shows and who is now sitting next to me and laughing at my jokes while I’m on the couch of the most popular late night talk show, and 6 million people are watching – this is pretty surreal.”

11 thoughts on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Me!”

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  2. Joel! I watched your Leno appearance, awesome stuff! I’ve got everyone in my department following your blog. Great job last night! Can’t wait to see what else comes of all of this.

  3. Hilarious! Could not stop smiling.

    I mentioned your name to some students and they said, “Isn’t that the song leader guy?”

    You are more famous among our people’s youth than you might imagine.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  4. First time I’ve ever seen my cousin, and it was on the Tonight Show (first time I’ve ever seen the tonight show either –past my bedtime, blame my parents, not me)

    Your Klondike video is awesome and so is Mr. Watermelon Party Fruit (though I could not for some reason find the lyrics to the song on Give up the rights! Mr. Watermelon Party Fruit belongs to the world!

    My Dad has annoyingly been playing Mr. Watermelon over and over and over tonight at the office. Give me the lyrics so he’ll stop! I beg of you! Just kidding. But I would like to know the lyrics. 😀 The rest of the family says Hi.

  5. Hi again I am one sent u resume Fwdd your new contest 2 my kids (will send 2 my granddaughters next) The 8 yr old very mature watches jay with me when over I have won lots concert tics and $100 once …. thought i did well BUT look at u keep up the good work montana is watching

  6. You were great on the Tonight Show! Funny, unassuming, likeable, someone folks want to see succeed!

    But that’s just my opinion:)

  7. Great stuff, man. Good luck on the Doritos campaign. I’m kind of a contest junkie myself… got free tickets to the Coachella Music Festival two years in a row (different contests).

    Keep it up.

  8. This is nothing short of amazing Joel. It’s exciting to see the song leader from my summer programs on National Television discussing his successes as a contest winner with Jay Leno and Steve Carrell. To think all this crazy stuff has happened to you since “Go to your dorms” at Perlman with Steve Glatter and I egging you on to push Hoffman’s buttons. Best of Luck with everything, let me know if you’re ever up at Penn State and want a place to party.

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