Toilet and Light Blub – A Love Song

Back on the wagon, my brother and I worked up this little number to try to win some cash from the good people at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and their friends at Mr. Sparky Electric. 

Stephen’s idea, I really think it was funny, and I liked doing the song. It’s worth pointing out that I am actually both singing parts, the female done with a vocal transformer. There is something both upsetting and exciting about singing a love song to myself. I should start doing that more often.

Not positive how the winner is being determined, but I do know that they said view count and positive ratings and comments will go a long way to helping pick the winner, so feel free to go nuts rating it.

I’m writing this post having just arrived in Dayton, Ohio, maybe the greatest city in the history of the world. Just beating out Paris and ancient Rome. Hopefully I’ll be getting some great stuff filmed here because Dayton is the best place in the world to film. For real.

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