GW Finally Recognizes the Hard Work of my 3.45 Semesters There

It’s no honorary degree, but the article that appeared this morning the the GW Hatchet was a big step for me in the right direction.

Getting Their Attention

Though I only spent about 3.45 semesters there, I had a lovely time in Washington, DC and in general thought the quality of George Washington University to be excellent, if entirely inappropriate for me. I probably should have looked at schools with music programs or dance programs, instead of just picking based on awesomeness of location.

That said, Elise Kigner who wrote the article, did a nice job.

Favorite line: “Levinson has no problems with shameless self-promotion.”


And to that end, let me remind you to please vote in the KRAZY GLUE contest, and leave a nice comment on the BEN FRANKLIN PLUMBING contest video.

In the meantime, if anyone knows people in the upper reaches of GW administration that CAN get me that honorary degree, I would like it in Medieval Weaponry, please.

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