Chicago Olympics 2016 Entry Filmed Just In Time

I’ve been working on the concept for this video and entry for a while. The contest is called “Why Chicago?” And it’s to bring Chicago the Olympics in 2016. Before I explain the concept, here’s the entry.

Okay, I was just thinking – first of all, why Chicago would be funny as (y)Chicago. And then I thought, you know, math is funny. Especially since I don’t actually understand it. Tangent is a funny word. Cosine is a funny word. Derivative is a funny word (even though I didn’t use it) and math made me laugh. And I thought, if Math makes me laugh, maybe it will make other people laugh. 

The thing is, there are hundreds of totally reasonable reasons for Chicago to host the Olympics. Great public transportation, nice people, good food, plenty of hotels, cool venues, etc. That’s what makes an absurdest argument more fun, right? At least it’s more fun for me, so that counts for something.

Anyway, the entry was due this morning, and I spent yesterday filming with my buddy Nathan in Dayton, Ohio (where I am for Thanksgiving), recorded, edited, sang, and uploaded all last night, with the final upload getting in at about 7:30 this morning, so I think I’m in and all set. Let’s just hope the people of the Chicago Olympics committee put me in the top five for a chance at that all expense paid trip to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

Math. Just saying it makes me smile.

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  1. First, our parents are both run in the same dayton jewish social scene…
    Anyway, I live in Chicago and love the song – it’s very creative and should go far – my only comment and hopefully it can help the process somehow (and you’ve probably heard this already) is that I think you mention something about divding by the “Watch Tower” – I think you mean “Water Tower”though there might be a watch tower in the city someplace.
    One other reason it works is that Chicago is known for the Chicago school of Economics and Business (From the University of Chicago) which both take a very quantitative approach to understanding the world, business, and all of that (and believe me there are many U of C people, consultants working on the bid).

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