I’m Access Hollywood’s Newest “Rising Star”

Okay, okay, it’s accesshollywood.COM’s newest rising star, but still, I’m psyched about it. Last week it was some actress from that “Twilight,” movie, this week it’s me. That means I’m almost as hot as a 19 year old actress playing a Vampire, metaphorically speaking.

I’m really happy about how the article came out, and especially happy that I got to make a Bret Michaels reference in print! Not only that, but I got a sweet Warrant reference in there. People always be remembering the Poison, not enough people be remembering the Warrant. 

Access Hollywood’s new Rising Star article

They also posted the Little Penguin Wine video that I made, which is one of my favorites, and must make me look like about the creepiest dude of all time to those just “meeting” me, but for some reason that makes me really happy. Similarly, they posted a couple pictures of me, and were kind enough to use one of me dressed as a security guard, with my mustache. I miss my mustache. 

Me, as a penguin, on an entertainment news magainze webpage.
Me, as a penguin, on an entertainment news magainze webpage.

One more day to vote in Krazy Glue, so have at it. And watch the video again to remember why you and I fell in love with each other in the first place. (hint – it was the overalls!)

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