My Shopping Confession – I Spend Recklessly

That’s right. I spend recklessly. This entry is only a single example, but my life is littered with silly spendings on things, just because it’s entertaining. I believe it is probably a contributing factor to the 8-10 years of being broke in my life post my parents house, pre-my contest life. The problem is, it is really, REALLY fun to blow money on stupid shit.

Here’s my entry:

I promised my mailing lists I would only send out one email per week, and since I started the week with the final Krazy Glue vote, I can’t send this link out till next monday, but I implore you, take a minute, click here and leave a nice comment.

Click here and leave a NICE comment!

It’s funny, because when I got that big cash out from Klondike, I had a few friends saying, “what are you gonna do with it?! Have fun with it! etc.” But the VAST majority of people who know me well and who have known me for years have written emails like Dan Phillips advising me against being “a total idiot with all that money.” If you can’t count on your friends to know you, who can you count on.

That’s why I need to win this $15,000 from Because I need to blow it. Recklessly.

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