King of Cubicles, Resume on Film

(this was written yesterday at 5:00 pm, saved as a draft until the video was approved, and is not being posted.)

This is a cool contest. Just found out about it today, and didn’t wait a second. Guitar in hand by 2:30, song written by 3:00, recorded by 3:30, video segments filmed by 4:00, video edited by 4:50, uploaded to site at 5:00. And I am REALLY happy with it. I think it totally rocks, and fundamentally, I am always still influenced by the desire to be a rock musician from a band that uses fireworks and blood on stage. Okay, maybe it doesn’t rock that much, but it certainly tries.

The prize for the contest is a full years employment by The Game Factory, without a single responsibility. It’s not a huge salary (only $7,326 before taxes) but you have zero things you have to do for it. I think it’s like the kind of jobs people give star athletes from schools like UNLV. Plus, you get a Wii. My math isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure:

Wii + Joel = Awesome

Another part of the prize is a company car. I have no idea where I’d put it, or if they’d let me exchange it, but as long as I could get a Wii, I wouldn’t care either way.

Happyjoel’s King of Cubicles Resume

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