50 Free Bottles of Nesquik (in coupon form)

Yesterday in the mail, I got my 50 free bottles of Nesquik coupons. A couple months ago I did my video entry to the Nesquik contest and I think the top 40 entries were given this prize? Something like that. The top ten were the finalists and the top one got $10,000 I think.

The truth is, I don’t really like drinking Nesquik so much. I drank a lot of them for the contest and when making the videos, and honestly, it’s a little bit much, don’t you think? I tried Egg Nog last night for the first time, and they’re kind of similar, except the Egg Nog ups the fun by a factor of 4-5 based on:
a) name
b) presence of booze.

Anyway, as a reminder, here’s my entry:

And to show you the winning one, so you have an idea of what I lost to:

(you will notice similar music in both, that’s because Nesquik did one of those “you may only use one of 6 non-proprietary songs” which, in my opinion, is a big mistake on the advertisers part.)

So I’m thinking I’m going to give away these coupons to members of my facebook group. I’m not sure how I’ll do it, but it’s almost literally the least I can do. The big question is, do I give one lucky person all 50 coupons? Or do I spread them around to 50 different people? (probably the latter, because it’s funnier that way.)

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