Solo Star Recipe – Rock Your Kitchen, the musical

Solo star is holding a contest for their pie filling where the winner gets $5000. They need you to make an original recipe. Since I don’t know how to cook, or write an original recipe, or basically do anything in a kitchen other than heat up Thai leftovers (at which I’m excellent,) I called up my friend Joey, told her the situation, and she was more than happy to help out. 

Now, obviously, we had fun making this. My work day today consisted of playing guitar and eating cookies that someone who really knows how to make cookies made. A weird and other fun piece of today, was that a cameraman and producer from CBS Evening News with Katie Couric was here today filming me go through my process and interviewing me for an actual, real live, evening news piece to be aired (not sure when, yet) on CBS evening news.

Obviously I’m ecstatic about the coverage, and was working hard to figure out which contest would be the most fun to enter with them around, and I think this Solo contest ended up being a good choice. I also really like the second half of the song (the “now bake it” part.)

The single coolest piece of all this was that when I got a phone call from some producers in New York, and they wanted to talk over details about it, the woman on the phone said, “Yeah, Katie really likes the story.”

And I was all, “Katie. You mean Katie Couric?”

And she was all, “yeah.”

And I was all, “AHHHHH!!!!” which I think was annoying and hurt her ear, but she was cool about it. Anyway, feel free to use the recipe and try it at home, it makes some seriously delicious cookies.

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