Christmas Decorations at Joel’s House

Growing up Jewish in Dayton, Ohio, I was pretty anti-Christmas. I used to wear hannukah as a badge of honor, in the same way Cubs fans wear losing.

Somehow, along the way, things changed. I am now the most unabashed lover of Christmas I know. I love Christmas movies (top three are Home Alone, Elf and Christmas story), I love Christmas music, (anything by Elvis, with Silver Bells and Blue Christmas topping the list) I love lights, I love trees, I love it all.

This year, since I live with two non-Jews, I am proud to say we get Christmas decorations. My roommate Vanessa bought some lights, and asked me to hang them while she was at work today. I know I should be hanging them for prettiness, but instead I hung them for comedy – hence the decorations in the picture. Each time I walk into the living room it makes me laugh.

I also bought Egg Nog last night after trying it for the first time a couple days ago. It’s fucking great.

And I love Christmas so much I made this video. This video is not perfect, but I do hope you enjoy it, and have a very merry set of holidays.

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  1. This is phenomenal!!! I hope you make a bazillion $$ from this song. It’s refreshing to see someone who is not so overly sensitized to being politically correct this ‘holiday’ season. I think we all should wish a ‘happy’ whatever to whatever it is we celebrate.

    Thank you for the laugh!

    c james.

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