The best way to get interviewed by the BBC

I was interviewed for the “Pods and Blogs” radio show on the BBC to talk about my doings. The interviewer, named Jamilah, was excellent. I’ve gone into some detail previously about how much I enjoyed her asking me some tough questions. Now that the interview is up and I can hear how it came out, I feel pretty solid about the way it went down, though some of the tougher questions and my answers ended up getting edited out.

All that said, there is nothing I’ve ever done as classy as answering questions posed to me by a British woman on the BBC.

And since she was nice enough to let me shout out my website at the end of the blog, I think it only fitting that I include a video here to show anyone who is hearing about me for the first time exactly what it is I do to win these contests. Enjoy. Especially if you’re British.

If you are British (or otherwise) and enjoyed that, or like the idea of helping me survive by winning contests, just add your name in the little email sign up box on the top right of

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