Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | December 26, 2008

FabMap Contest Entry with Red Suit and Jewfro

Because the videos are being submitted and not posted publicly before the good folks at Rand McNally pick a winner, I cannot show you my whole FabMap entry filmed today. I can, however, show you this screenshot of me in my very own bright, red suit, Jewfro picked out, and sunshine blazing on the beautiful streets of Hollywood during filming.

The concept is this: they want you to show alternative uses for the “FabMap,” a non-destructible, fabric-y map that can be scrunched, washed, dropped, smooshed, etc – and still functions as a map. The idea I went with was my roommate Olev’s suggestion – use it as a hanky.

So, living in beautiful Los Angeles as I do, I thought I’d head down to one of the many “hollywood suit outlet” places on Hollywood Boulevard to get a cheap and hysterical suit. It doesn’t hurt that this red suit was bought just in time for some Christmas parties.

So I dab my wet forehead with my map, then look at it to get around. The song that goes with me strutting around town is horn heavy and moderately funky, so I thought I’d pull my ‘fro back out – especially since I had never entered a contest with ‘fro, but sans mustache. We’ll see how it goes.

EDIT: It’s up, I can’t embed it, but I can link to it. “It’s My Fabmap.”


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