Tyson Chicken Contest Helps Me Forget My Pain

Tyson Chicken is running a video contest for tickets to next year’s superbowl (2010). The basic theme they are asking you to answer, is, “why is Tyson the right food for your big pre-game party.” For me, this football season was dominated by one thought, and that’s what I tried to address in song.

You’ll see I went to all the trouble of spray painting a brand new orange sweatshirt so as not to have any copyright problems, and I went out and bought plenty of Tyson’s chicken. The problem, as occurs WAY to often with these things, is that the Tyson video uploading mechanism is terrible and has failed the last 4 days as I’ve tried to upload it. 

I know why these companies want to host the videos themselves. What I cannot figure out is why they are so adamant about hiring such awful webpage creators for them. And I wasn’t the only one who had complaints, checking on vidopp.com (one of the best video contest listing sites on the web, and by far the friendliest collection of video contest entrants) there are other folks who’ve had trouble, too.

Then, the worst part – no contact info that’s effective. No emails to webmaster available, no info@, no admin@, nothing. I wrote to the Tyson corporation 3 days ago, but their email says “wait 5 business days for a reply.” Since the video is due by the 7th, I’m worried I’ll be out of time.

That leaves me to write something here with a prayer that someone, somewhere out there in the world reading this has an uncle who works for Tyson. If you do, let them know their site is poopy and I need help. Until then, I have no choice but to put it on youtube and hope to make it eligible in some outsider-art kind of way. (And I promise that is the last time I will use a grandiose term like “art” for one of my entries.)

(on second though, I take that promise back. I will definitely be calling my shit art again, soon.)

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