Sundial Bridge at Night in Redding, California


Sundial Bridge at Night

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After nearly a full month in Los Angeles, I was going stir crazy and needed to get out of town. I decided it was high time I start blowing through some of my 1,000,000 Best Western points which have been accumulating dust for the past 6 months.

Basic Premise: Rent a car and drive somewhere remote. Hole up in a hotel room for 10 days for free and get some writing done.

Thought 1: Rent a car. I wanted a midsize, and the midsize they gave me was a mustang. I know many of you haven’t met me in real life, but I hope from reading pieces about me hear and seeing my videos, you realize how much I don’t belong in a mustang. It’s like Will Smith in my old 1988 Eagle Premier. It’s not right.

That said, I am having way to much fun driving it.

Thought 2: North or south. South means Mexico, cheap prescription drugs, sunshine and the Pacific Ocean. North means rain. Since the purpose is to get some writing done, I decide to head North.

Thought 3: How far North? The answer is Oregon. I haven’t been there and as long as I’m at it, I might as well cross a state off the list, right? Once I hit the border later today it’ll leave me 7 more states to visit (Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, N. Dakota and, for some silly reason, Rhode Island.)

Thought 4: I’m tired, where should I stop?
Answer: Redding, California. Why? Because I saw a billboard that said, “Spend the night in Redding. We’ve got the Sundial Bridge.” So I did. Good work, billboard. And in case you want to see that beautiful bridge, look at the picture. And, since they have one of the nice Best Western’s with a Jucuzzi IN THE ROOM, I decided it would be a great place to stop.

20,000 points down, 980,000 to go.

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