FabMap Video Contest in its Final Phase

The folks at Rand McNally did something smart with their videos from the FabMap contest – I just got an email (and I’m assuming all the finalists did as well) asking that before the judges make the final decision and announce the winner, everyone load their videos up on youtube. Excellent call, Rand Mcnally. Too often, companies seem worried about retaining traffic to their own sites and they lose the value of an online, easily embedable and searchable video through youtube, so even though they didn’t do it initially, it’s smart they’re requiring it from finalists now.

So, if you haven’t seen it before because I couldn’t embed it, you can see it now – it’s me in my bright, red suit walking down Hollywood Boulevard to celebrate my fabulous, fabulous map…

And speaking of youtube, I got an email today from youtube saying that they are expanding their partner program and want me to apply for it. I’m not sure about enough of the details but I certainly am torn about whether or not I want words popping across my face. Fortunately, I’m not strapped for cash at the moment so I can take a look at what the offer is and see if I’m down. If anyone out there does it and has pros or cons to share about it, do let me know.

Also, if you know a good dry-cleaner – I have a feeling my red suit isn’t going to stay that clean for long.

2 thoughts on “FabMap Video Contest in its Final Phase”

  1. I think you should deffo sign up for the YouTube partner program. Partly because you should never look a gift horse of monetisation in the mouth (and even though I have no doubt you’ll always do well at your chosen profession, it never hurts to capitalise on a guaranteed income) but also because it marks you out as one of a select set – the partner program will aggregate viewers like you wouldn’t believe!

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