Craigslist Posting to Find an Actress

For the first time in my work as a video contest entrant, I’m turning to Craigslist in hopes of finding the right person to act a part in an entry of mine. 

The listing is titled “40-60 Year Old Woman to Make Out with Man in Penguin Costume.”

I know what you’re saying – Joel, why do you keep returning to the penguin costume?! You have used it like 4 times, and not once has it won you anything! It’s not working!

Well my friends, I believe that above all, I have a dedication to follow my heart. And in the case of this video contest (which will be named only after the video is edited) my heart is telling me to put on my penguin costume and make out with a 40-60 year old woman I meet on Craigslist. 

Below I’m posting my penguin costume wearing losses for reference.

5 thoughts on “Craigslist Posting to Find an Actress”

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