“King of Cubicles” Business Cards Arrive

Winning the Game Factory’s contest and becoming the new “King of Cubicles” involves all the things that come with an actual job. You know, except the work. So one of the most exciting parts of my prize arrived today – my brand new business cards that read, “Joel Moss Levinson, King of Cubicles.”

What’s most exciting is that you know how the Queen of England has all these titles, like, “Dutchess of Yorkshire, 3rd Lord of the Such-and-such regency, etc.” With a really long title. Well now, I’m kind of like that. Or at least, a step closer. “Joel Moss Levinson, Contest Winner, King of Cubicles, 3rd Regent of the Awesome Pants Society, etc.”

When the cards first came, I posted a picture of it on flickr as it actually was – with my entire address online. Thanks to a kind and intelligent friend  pointing out how incredibly stupid that was, I have this adjusted, blotted out picture.

PS – though the Rubik’s Cube wasn’t part of my present, since the game the contest was for is the “Rubik’s World” game, I thought I’d put it in the picture. I bought it a few weeks ago and learned to do it, so at some point I’ll make a video of that and post it just to prove I can.

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