CBS News Again? Yes. Sort of.

Thanks to a message from my friend Malya (thanks, Malya!) I was able to find out that my image was in fact used on CBS Evening News this evening in a story. I had no idea so I got confused and excited, and went to find the clip online to see what she was talking about.

To see it, click the link to their story “A Look Into The Deep.” And check out 1:33 seconds into the story (start at 1:28 for full comedy and full context.)


Joel, in the top left, on CBS News Again tonight.
Joel, in the top left, on CBS News Again tonight.



SPOILER ALERT: (If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want the awesome part spoiled, don’t read on.)

The clip they used me for had nothing to do with my work on contests, or my connection to the internet at all. In fact, what I was used for was, ironically, the most un-me thing they could possibly have used. They had a clip of me sitting on my computer from when I was editing here at my house. They were talking about a new program for google earth and the narrator said, “for tourists, students and landlubbers alike,” and they used the clip of me for “Students.” 

At first, I thought, “But I’m not a student at all.” And then I realized, “well, I’ve dropped out of 3 times as many colleges as most people have graduated from, so maybe it was a good choice to use me afterall.”

Whatever the case, just wanted to say thanks to CBS Evening News for keeping me in the public eye.

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