Manjunk Video Contest Lost to Confusion

Manjunk, the only body wash made for your junk, had a video contest. I entered, and was relatively happy with my song and video. The winner was just announced today, and it looks like either I have totally missed the concept of this product, or they have.

The winner chosen was a 1:40 second video of two sexy people sort of getting it on over ambient soul music. I mean, it’s fine if your product is Victoria’s Secret, but you named your product “MANJUNK.” It just seems like you should probably acknowledge that it is hilarious, instead of trying to turn it into the sexiest thing ever.

There is only one phrase in my love life when I use the word “junk” for my junk, and even then, I know it’s not “sexy!” It works because it’s funny!

(In case your curious, the phrase, said while making out upright in clothes, is: “Let’s press against each other naked and cup junk.” Yeah. I’m a fucking romantic.)

Anyway, they also don’t have anyway to link to the videos specifically, so if you want to see both the winning entry and my entry, here’s what you do:

a) Visit

b) The winning video should come up automatically. I believe it’s called “Cinematic Love.”

c) To see my video, click on the picture of me wearing a beard. (5th one down, I think.)

3 thoughts on “Manjunk Video Contest Lost to Confusion”

  1. While the winning vid was visually beautiful, Joel, if you distilled it down to its root concept it would be, “pick any Skin-e-Max movie you’ve ever seen.” Hardly original. Stick to your guns and keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. That cinematic love crap was absolute shize. Joel, you should consider adapting your Manjunk song to a broadway musical set in a belgian pub. it could be huge.
    Pantless knights

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