Happyjoel and his Brand New Miles Electric Vehicle

In the contest world, winning a car is like having a Bar Mitzvah – it’s the coming of age celebration that lets you know you’ve truly made it. So today was a big day.

The awesome thing is that this car is FUCKING ADORABLE! It’s a Miles Electric ZX40S, it’s an all electric car and it’s worth just under $20,000. The bad thing is that it runs on electric charge, which means you need an outlet to plug it into, which means you need a parking space. I don’t have that, and I don’t think buying a 100 foot extension cord and running it down to street parking would make the neighbors very happy.

So I woke up this morning and spent the whole day on the phone trying to figure out a good organization to give it to and get a charity write off (because my taxes are already going to be a nightmare). There are two ways it can be written off – either you give it away, and they sell it to auction and you get to write off the amount. OR, if the organization KEEPS it, you get to write off the full value.

So I was overjoyed when I found out my good friends at KPCC public radio would want to take it and keep it. I’m so happy that it’s going to a place I love, that does good work, and that I’m getting full value for it tax-wise.

I even got a phone call thank you from them, and they offered that maybe I can do an ON AIR SHOUT OUT!!! So kick ass.

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