Say No to the Government Bailout? Sure, why not.

I’m not that political, folks. I mean, I have political thoughts but they waver all over the map, and are frequently more connected to my delusions of grandeur than they are to any sound policy arguments. So when I saw that was having a contest to “say no to the bailout,” I thought, “Awesome, I’m all over that.”

See, no matter where you stand on the issue of the bailout, it is easy to acknowledge that it is fertile ground for comedy, and it only took a couple minutes of chatting for Olev and I (my roommate) to come up with a collaborative concept to explain the bailout in comedy terms. After that, a quick trip down to the costume shop, back up to my apartment, and an afternoon of fun filming, and viola – our masterpiece entry:

Oh, and way to go for making the stakes worthwhile – this contest is for a sick $27,000+ in cash. As part of their work they put this video up on their site and are looking for people to DIGG it, so if you have a DIGG account, click  , and if my video is still up on that page (as it is at the moment I’m writing this) DIGG away and tell friends how awesome it is.

And if it isn’t, feel free to go to the video’s youtube page and comment on what an excellent job Olev does wearing an astronaut costume, please.

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