Hi. I’m Joel. This Is What I Do.

Hi. I’m Joel. If you are reading this, it is entirely possible you are one of the people I accosted in person at South By Southwest Interactive. If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! Welcome to the fabulously rewarding world of helping a stranger make a living by goofing off all the time! You will find it both invigorating and idle-time-consumingly delicious, so start looking around and signing up for various shit of mine. 

First, to give you an idea of what I do – this is a video that I made that won $5000. It was for the 11th contest I won. It is for the Watermelon people. It took a single day of filming in my buddy Jon (@jhstrauss)’s poolside backyard, and about $150 spent on watermelon and booze to have a party. 

Wasn’t that fun?! Allow me to suggest following me on Twitter and joining my facebook group, “Yes, Joel, I’ll vote for your newest stupid contest.” You can even join my email group, and that way you can always find out what I’m doing, and in particular when it’s time to vote on one of these things, you can do just that and help me win money and fabulous prizes and know all the while that you are making the world a better place – one Joel at a time.

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