Linux Foundation Voting Begins

After a week in Austin for SXSWi, I realize that the community of people who understand Linux is, in fact, a community with which my video entry for the Linux Foundation contest video has a chance at being successful. I know that it’s coming down to judges at the end and I just hope they are of the same mind, that what makes Linux succeed is embracing its weirdness, as opposed to trying to prove it’s just as normal a company as mac and pc but on a shoestring ad budget.

Anyway, go to the Linux Foundation Video Page for my video if you’re feeling awesome, and register and vote for my a capella and penguin wearing song.

I’m also proud to note that I was mentioned on yesterdays, but when you click the link, to get linked to me you’ll have to click the phrase “hilarious but inappropriate,” which is probably the theme of a great deal of my life, actually. 

Anyhoo, in case you don’t want to do anything in the way of supporting me, and you just want to see it, here it is.

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