I love NEEM – An Organix South Contest

I didn’t know anything about Neem, but Organix South was having a contest in which the only requirement was “zany with our products” so I decided to go out and buy some stuff and start having fun with it. It resulted in this video:

So first of all, my skin feels great today. My gums, too. You can check this wikipedia link to find out more about neem, but basically it’s a plant that’s been used for centuries for it’s medicinal and healing qualities.

Anyway, since my new theory is don’t tell people about contests until the entry period is over, I was going to wait on this. But I had so much fun filming it yesterday, I feel so confident in my entry, and also I’m leaving for Turkey in like 2 days so I wanted to get it up before I left because I’ll be gone during the deadline. So there you have it. If anyone reading this also is a contest enterer, I look forward to a healthy competition from you. May the best techno song based, Neem smothering, bearded entrant win.

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