Istanbul Travel Continues for Happyjoel

Not 200 yards from our hotel’s front door (Best Western’s “The President” hotel) lies the Beyazit Mosque, right across from the Grand Bazaar. I went inside and found this adorable gentleman who allowed me to take a picture of him.

On another note, I couldn’t be happier about the fact that the Istanbul film festival is running right now because I love, LOVE movies, and I love film festivals and I don’t give a damn about you telling me I’m in a foreign country and I should be out enjoying the sites – the more important lesson is that I am on vacation and I want to enjoy myself.

To that end, yesterday I saw a film called “Tyson,” which I am here to recommend highly. His may be the greatest American story. No one else better exemplifies the American desire to build up and tear down and build up and tear down, and the whole thing is told in his own words, and it’s awesome, and he’s awesome, and even just watching some of the clips from his early fights and workouts would be worth the price of admission (which, granted, because of the exchange rate, power of the dollar, and it being a matinee was only about $2.50, but STILL, I would totally pay full price for this thing.)

Sun is shining, city couldn’t be prettier, off to start another day. This time not heading into the film festival until at least 7 pm. If you’re bored at work and want to look through the schedule to see if there’s anything you have heard of and is a “don’t miss,” feel free. Otherwise, toodles.

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