CBS Local News Covers “God & Co.”

I’m still in Istanbul at the moment, and just got an email from my brother that a local CBS news affiliate covered our episode of “God & Co.” about Moses being roasted and the end of the Jews wandering in the desert. The news story is here as “Jews Prepare for Passover Around the World.” (To see the original video, check out “Getting There is Half the Fun.”)

I had the same reaction as my brother:

1) I wish they had actually showed some jokes of it, but that’s okay because it sounds like it’s worth checking out when they say “curse words.”

2) I am proud that my video is one the Chabad Rabbi doesn’t like. If it was one that he did like, I would be disappointed in myself. 

3) Jesus Christ do I want to punch the makers of “Matzah Man,” and “Who Let the Jews Out,” in the face.

Anyway, happy passover from a modern, moderate Islamic Nation on my last day in Istanbul.

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