Grand Canyon Picture Wins Contest

I just got word this morning that I won the photo contest hosted by, which is an interesting website. I’ll tell you more about them in a minute, but first – the picture. Go ahead, take your time and enjoy it. You should see the pictures it beat. A bunch of people standing in beautiful places and NOT looking like assholes.

The thing is, I was thinking how proud I am that in this picture of the Grand Canyon, I believe I have STILL figured out a way to make myself the center of attention. This is no piddley little canyon, either. This thing is, like, big.

Anyway, what I won was just under $500 worth of prizes including a large iTunes gift card and a $299 gift certificate to, as well as having the picture posted on their website. You may be asking what it is. I don’t EXACTLY know, but basically it sounds like it’s a place for people who host guests in a guest bedroom or guest house to organize online and take reputable people who are vacationing and don’t want to stay in a hotel or anything, which sounds nice. I’ll have to play around with the website more before I figure out exactly where I’ll stay, but I’m pretty excited about free places to stay. That stuffs my favorite.

I’ll take this time to thank all the members of my facebook group, “Yes, Joel, I’ll Vote For Your Newest Stupid Contest,” who voted and let you know that as a result of ME winning, two of THEM won prizes, too. So if you haven’t join, you should do it RIGHT NOW!

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