Dayton Wine!

Dayton Wine

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I was in this Chinese supermarket in “Chinatown 2: Chinatown in the Suburbs” here in Los Angeles, and my friend excitedly pointed out to me the awesomest product to ever hit the shelves (or at least since the Trapper Keeper and Cash Register) – it’s DAYTON WINE!

What makes me happiest about it is that some company, from the world famous wine region in the Napa Valley, decided that a good way to sell wine would be to use the name “Dayton.”

I’m sure first they were like, “What will inspire people to think of delicious quality wine when they are in the store? Pittsburgh? Cleveland? No. Dayton.”

Viola. The world’s greatest wine. Or at least I’m assuming. I’ll taste it later and tell you what I think.

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