Dayton, Ohio Skyline at night

Yeah, that’s right – Dayton, Ohio DOES look that beautiful at night.

I’m headed there tomorrow to watch a wonderful friend marry a wonderful woman. He was kind enough to honor me by asking me to be in his wedding party, though before I was allowed to accept I had to promise both he and his fiance that I wouldn’t do anything that would be embarrassing or otherwise.

Easy. I don’t like making myself the center of attention when it’s someone else’s day. I only like being the center of attention when there’s attention to spare. Like on the internet.

Have a nice weekend, world. I’ve got hora’s to dance.

2 thoughts on “Dayton, Ohio Skyline at night”

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  2. Steven P. Cornett

    Thank you for linking to downtown Dayton. It really is a nice downtown with a lovely fountain (that only runs in the morning, so far). The rivers are becoming more used for kayaking as well, which is about the one bright spot here in the news lately.

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