Happyjoel with Sandcastle Building Stuff

I just moved to Venice, California and instead of sharing pictures of my new home, I decided to show the more important stuff – the new stuff I bought to fit in at the beach. Check it out.

I now own flip flops. I mean, I owned a pair of flip flops for the past year that were actually just the dinky ones Stephen and I got for free from the Dubai Hilton which are probably made to be used for a weekend and thrown out, but I’ve been wearing them for just under 2 years so far, so I decided I would officially invest in some good ones.

Frankly, they aren’t that comfortable yet. But I’ll stick with them till either they get comfy or I get shinsplints. Either or.

Second, and more importantly, I’ve gotten SANDCASTLE BUILDING STUFF!!! I have 2 round buckets, 1 square bucket, 2 scrapey thingys, 2 claw thingys, 1 scoopy dealy and 1 other thing I don’t know what it does. I don’t know how building sandcastles is going to improve my life, but I so confident I will be building more than one that I’m going to create a whole blog category called “Sandcastles.”

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