Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | June 14, 2009

First Ever Sandcastle

I fuckin’ TOLD you I was going to start making sandcastles with that stuff I bought!

THIS IS MY FIRST ONE! I’m so proud but I didn’t get the moat (which wasn’t very good) in the shot too well. I did, however, put windows and doors on the Arabian inspired centerpiece of castle which I made.

There is a contest that I am not going to enter which is contest related. Actually, I may enter it, but we’ll see. Anyway, if any of you reading this are contesters and like sandcastles, google search “panama city beach” and “video contest” and you should find it. I don’t really want to win a trip to Panama City Beach because I would frankly rather hang out on my own beach here in LA, but good luck and drop a link to your entries if you make them.


  1. you got robbed on the ifart contest. That winning video is really shitty.

    • Glad you liked my entry – I think my writhing, half dressed body helps in some contests, and really hurts in others.

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