Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | June 17, 2009

Creating a New Metal Band

I decided that winning a lot of contests and having some sense of financial stability and some free time is allowing me to finally pursue my dream of creating the ultimate Heavy Metal band with me as a front man. I have assembled the band and today is our first practice.

I am particularly excited that I won’t have to be playing an instrument unless I want to, so I will be free to dance around stage like I’d like.

I am opening the door to anyone and everyone to come up with the new name for our heavy metal band. I am not promising I will use a selection, but if I DO use your suggested name, you will receive a $50 iTunes gift card and you will be mentioned in the rockumentary that I’m sure will be made about our band in the next decade or so.

Good luck.


  1. how about:

    dirt meat
    zombie squirrel
    Zorad the Monkey Destroyer

  2. Momalade
    The Jargonauts
    Dead Air
    Black Gum Bubble
    Destruction Paper
    Contest Riggers
    Cracks About Sidewalks
    Norwegian Woody

  3. Metales Pesados

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