Quizno’s Entry for $10,000

A couple days/weeks ago I alluded to an entry for a contest that I was working very hard on, involving trips to Chicago, Atlanta, New York, etc. The entry is finally finished and up, and it’s for the Quizno’s $10,000 prize. So before I go on, I totally need your votes and help.

I think it allows a vote every day, so bookmark it and vote with your morning coffee each day, please!

Anyway, to discuss the video now that I’m sure you’ve seen it, I thought the sub reminded me of a tall building, and I thought it would be cool to do a song where I hold it in front of a lot of tall buildings and it dwarfs them. I originally thought “the ten tallest buildings in the world,” but some of them are shitty (like the one in Dubai that’s totally not finished) and it would also have cost about $15,000 to get to them all (I priced it out.)

Instead, I opted for this tour of the great American skyscrapers, accompanied by my weirdest and most David Byrne song yet. I hope you like it. And more importantly, I hope you vote for it so much the song is stuck in your head for the next year.

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And in case you’re curious, here’s a list of the top ten in order:

1) Sears Tower (recently renamed Willis, but who the hell knows that?)

2) Trump International Hotel and Tower

3) Empire State Building

4) Bank of America Tower

5) Aon Center

6) John Hancock Center

7) (tie) Chrysler Building

7) (tie) NY Times Building

9) Bank of America Plaza

10) US Bank Building

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