Ohio, birthplace of Aviation and Joel

So during my bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, my buddies who grew up
with me in Dayton included what was by far the highlight of the weekend – a
roast. Without going into details, there was plenty to make fun of about me.

Also, I got this brilliant gift from my cousin Josh. If you look closely,
you will see that the framed Ohio is spelled in quarters. But not just any
quarters. North Carolina quarters. I’ll explain –

A few years ago I decided to protest the fact that North Carolina writes
"first flight" and does all this bragging about flight as though they
invented it. They did not. The wright brothers invented it in dayton, ohio.

Therefore, I decided to start taking the NC quarters out of circulation. The
question then is what to do with them. The answer, this brilliant piece of
art by my cousin Josh.

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