Kikkoman Consolation Prize Package Arrives

So this is what I get – I drowned myself in 5 gallons of soy sauce, burned my eyes, nose, mouth and smelled like soy sauce for two days afterwards, and since I was a loser, I got this consolation prize package. It consists of:

1) A kikkoman recipe book.
2) A cutting board in the shape of America. (Randi pointed out how funny it is to get a Japanese companies map of America cutting board.)
3) A letter.
4) A truck.

Why the truck, I have no idea. It was a very sweet gesture, but seriously, and this is a message to all the contest runners out there – I would have been far happier with some free kikkoman. Yes, even after buying a giant drum of it, I am now out, and want free soy sauce.

The recipe book is nice, though.

The truck got given away to a neighborhood child. I hope he has more soy-sauce related fun than anyone else on the block.

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