Billy Mays Impression for my Video

I mean, I already had the beard, so it wasn’t a very far logical step to a Billy Mays impression, may he rest in peace.

The basic concept of the infolinks contest is “Show us a funny, original way to make money on the internet” then at the end you drop in their logo and sign which reads “a better way to make money on the internet.”

Now that you have the set-up, here’s the video.

I’m pretty proud of how it came out, especially all the planning ahead to get clean shaven on the shots I wanted, beard on others, mustache on others. I cannot explain how happy changing facial hair makes me.

Also, I am really happy with the music. I think the joyful horns sound just like one of these commercials.

Finally, let me say that I am actually open to taking $39.95 an hour from people to do relaxing shit during my day. I’ll even video tape it and send you footage of me enjoying myself, just so you know how you’ve made my day better. I am particularly fond of taking baths for people. Just so you know.

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